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Tuesday, 15 May 2018

TRUST YOU'RE NOT HAVING A "BLUE DAY" ! If you are these guys might cheer you up !!!!!

15th May  -  Check those "balls"

May  -  Masturbate!!


Xersex said...

blue with gree is one of my fav colour!

Anonymous said...

Blue is fantastic like the sky in a clear day. Blue is the colour of the sea where we can have a nice swim. Blue is simply blue : the most beautiful colour. Venetian anonymous

taotrojan said...

Thxs bro for the comment,s. Would like to make contact with you. My email is on site plus I have a chat widget now. Or you can fill in my contact form. All kept discreet, ok. For the rest all is cool here in Holland. Nice warm temp,s so to be able to get a tan.
Love Taotrojan. Love this post by the way.

whkattk said...

Blue is my favorite color...therefore I would love to have a blue day every day. :-)

The paintings did not offend me at all. Art is art - some it offends while others find it beautiful. One cannot stop to worry about that - one must simply appreciate and share what they find beautiful. You do a fantastic job of that! Hugs!!!