Please visit

Please visit

Monday, 26 June 2017

JUST THOSE OLD BLUE JEANS! No his are not white, they are very faded!


16th Century Engraving 

Body Art

Photography  -  1890s

Above & Below
The outrageous "Peter Berlin"
photos 1970s

Bronze Sculpture
Wim van der Kant

1970s  -  Poster

Possible before HIV/AIDS

"Was the barista telling me something?"

"Yes!   Give me a hug"!

Welcome everyone to a new week! 
I am so pleased that you have returned or,
if this is you first visit, you are very welcome. 
I noticed recently some visitors from
Nigeria and Israel. 
Everyone is very welcome and I hope you all find
some images that you like.
Well tomorrow I'll be in hospital but I'll leave a scheduled post for you. 
I should be back on Wednesday.


Friday, 23 June 2017

LET'S "FACE" IT ! IT'S END OF THE WEEK ! See you again somewhere sometime !


Beautiful "traditional" painting


Signed  &  Dated

Body Art

Look at the date & the price!!!!

Another Wartime Soap Advertisement 

Creative Photography

Bronze Male Nude 
Entrance to an orchard in France

"Harlequin Resting"
Beautiful painting
Picasso   1901

I've heard of "reading between the lines"
but "don't sleep between the lines" till you've read
the timetable!!!!!

It's amazing what one finds in other peoples' freezers!

"The Escape"!
"Well!  It was your idea! 
So what do we do now?"

Ah!  Yes!  The weekend! 
Do please keep things in perspective!

I've a feeling that it is a woman, when I look at the breast!  But it is a good gif!

Welcome to Friday's Posts! 
Thanks to everyone who visited this week! 
I do trust that you've enjoyed what I've posted this week! 
So have a great weekend but come back on Monday!

I'll be in hospital a couple of days next week but I will schedule posts for the days that I'll be away. 

Lots of hugs,