Thursday, 19 January 2017


Michelangelo  -  1475 - 1564
figure in "Last Judgement"
clasps handful of arrows

El Greco - 1541 - 1614

Cubist   -   1904

Modern (Gay)
Andre Durand 

Modern Realist
Daniel Valdez

Rick Herold

Modern Realist
signed & dated

Modern sculpture
Rick Hunter


Drawing   -    signed & Dated.

1980's painting!
When HIV AIDS was at its worst in USA!

Sculpture:   "The Good Samaritan"
Modern Interpretation!
Stolen from outside a hospital in London!

Nature:  Those Northern Lights!

Yes!   Keep things in perspective this weekend!

Tokyo by night!

I certainly don't remember hatching you!

Be careful with this one
especially if you are prone to headaches
or fits!

Ah!   Friday!   Trust you all have a great weekend!
Sunshine or Snow!
Wherever you are!

I do hope you enjoyed today's post!

Saint Sebastian soldier, martyr of the early Roman Church. A great favourite of artists as it provided the opportunity to paint a near nude male!
Over the last 100 years he has become the "Patron Saint of Gays".
So, many recent paintings represent this aspect of the martyr.

Now! PLEASE! Some comments!  I don't know what you like and enjoy unless you tell me!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, 17 January 2017

JUST A SELECTION OF GUYS ! No I've never met any of them


Drawing  -   crayon (?)

Charcoal drawing

George Quaintance
better known for his paintings

Beautiful glass
modern Mexican

"We'll have to stop meeting like this!
The others will be talking!"

Well!  I do hope you find something you like here!
It is a very hot, humid day here where I am and we had out hottest night so far this year last night!
I won't be here tomorrow, but promise to be back on Friday!