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Wednesday, 25 April 2018

"Five hundred dollars and I get to fuck him"!

Asian Art
Kimura Ryoko

"Big Brown"
Douglas Simonson
signed & dated

Creative Photography


Paris Art School - 1890s

Kitten Play!!!!

Thank you for visiting today! 

It is a special day in Australia & New Zealand
when we remember
our women & men
killed in World War I
in a special way.


Also all ours killed in war!



Xersex said...

Happy remembering feast!

whkattk said...

Remember and thank them, celebrate them. Any who served and fought for freedom. I salute you! Hugs!!!

taotrojan said...

Lest we forget. That is what I learnt at school in St Mary,s NSW publick school as a kid. Yes Patrick I,m an Aussie and still proud of it. Was not aware of Anzac day as I now reside thirty yr,s in the Netherlands,s.