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Friday, 14 July 2017


Signed & Dated

Simona Doli 

Body Art  -  African Style

"Egyptian Vase"
Art Deco 
Emile Galle - 1900

"Pierced Torso" 
Gerard Lentink

Now that's a big pussycat!

Well where has the week gone? 
Now, thanks to everyone for all your visits
do come back next week.

Tomorrow is 15th July! 
So check those balls, nuts, or whatever!

Have a great weekend! 



Xersex said...

happy weekend!!!

whkattk said...

Love, love, love the paintings and drawings. And the torso is just...words escape.

Thanks for posting the Ball Check reminder!

Have yourself a wonderful Saturday, and Sunday. Hugs!!!!

Unknown said...

That cool picture of the (hot!) man with his arm around a lion . . . That is from a really great article that was in Smithsonian magazine a year or so ago. That guy is nicknamed "the Lion Whisperer." He runs some kind of rescue for lions in Africa somewhere. Unfortunately that's all I remember. And that this guy was a hunk!